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    Our finest ingredients offer the most ultimate skin care experience.

  • The active ingredients are extracted from high quality sources which are full of natural powers.

Since 1999 - Our scientific research teams have been successfully integrating the most advance solutions to nourish the delicate 'skin cells', suiting the very fundamental biological environment of the cells. Our patented formulas enriched with safest natural ingredients, cater the modern day skin problems, while unlocking the infinite beauty mysteries.

About us

Our commitment to innovation keeps us on the leading edge for offering the most effective quality products, by consolidating the expertise of our top French research institutes.


Our products are produced in France with 100% Natural, High Quality & Chemical-Free ingredients.

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    Our finest ingredients offer the most ultimate skin care experience. La Bonne is proud to present its uniquely formulized Hydro gel Whitening and Anti-Aging mask. It is an amazing mixture of organic extracts and new scientific formula. The active ingredients particularly contain "Snail Secretion Extract' which is full of collagen. It also contains Vitamin C & E extracted from plants and fruits. These natural ingredients regenerate skin cells, improve skin imperfections and give natural glow.

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    SDW Concentrate System

    Our signature 'SDW Concentrate' system is the safest and the most effective slimming & contouring therapy for professional use. The active ingredients with the advance therapy technique reduce cellulite, detoxify and contour the body by drawing out toxins and impurities. Unique blend of the most essential oils, vitamins, minerals and marine ingredients absorbed through the skin work together to increase circulation and aid in maintaining the skin's connective tissue, collagen.

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    Bust Care Serum

    Rich and comfortable exceptional treatment, this breast serum restores the true feminity of the silhouette and the neckline. The dictyopteris oil boosts the natural storage of lipid in the breast adipocytes which increased their volumes and firmness. In addition it's immediate and persistent lifting effect is due to the tara gum. The exracts of chicory and kigelia, and the marine collagen as well stimulate the strength of the firming tissue. It's exceptional texture is made to penetrate very quickly and to leave a silky touch for an immediate well-being.

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    Anti-cellulite Leg Care Gel

    Authentic cocktail of plant extracts known for their stimulating action on the microcirculation, this ultra-refreshing is active for drainage and pain relieving of legs. Containing active menthol, red grape leaves extract, and marine salts, it gives an immediate fresh relieving feel.
    This gel provides instant wellness and restores vitality to tired legs.


La Bonne Paris covers over 300+ formulation references suitable for Professional Use, Distribution, OEM and Private Label projects

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